Friday, September 19, 2014

technical death metal from France: NEPHREN-KA "Praise Shaï-Hulud" [official lyrics video]

black metal from Brazil: Oculto Odio - Reaktor H8 Combustion

from Washington state: Darkness Avowed - The Black Feast

from Washington state: The Devils of Loudun @ CONQUERORS OF THE WORLD TOUR


new HELEVORN "Burden Me"

NOVERIA - 'Downfall' official video

new video Command to Last by AXEGRESSOR

new video 1349 - Slaves (Official video)

new Amon Amarth "Deceiver of the Gods" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

in case you missed it: TRAGODIA A Temple In Time lyric video

TRAGODIA - A Cry Among The Stars

in Spanish: old Argentinian legends: ALMAFUERTE: Malvinas Argentinas DVD Completo (29/12/2012)

Almafuerte (1995- present) is a type of continuation of the oldest metal from Argentina: before Almafuerte, the vocalist Ricardo Irorio was in V8 (1979-1987) and Hermética (1987-1994).
In case you have never heard this band, I thought this live show would be pretty good. The style is something along classic rock, groove metal and some Motorhead. The vocals sound similar to latter-day Paul Di'Anno or Lemmy, I would say.
The music is not particularly fast, it's sing-along music, and as you can see, the crowd is very familiar with the band, given that is one of the country's most successful bands in the metal genre.
If the music sounds too old, you are too loud. At any rate, this is certainly oldies metal.
DISCOGRAPHY of Almafuerte.
Mundo Guanaco Full-length 1995
Del entorno Full-length 1996
En vida Live album 1997
Profeta En Su Tierra Compilation 1998
Almafuerte (Parque Sarmiento) Video 1998
A Fondo Blanco Full-length 1999
El Visitante Promo Single 1999
Piedra Libre Full-length 2001
En Vivo Obras 2001 Live album 2002
Ultimando Full-length 2003
10 años Live album 2005
Toro y Pampa Full-length 2006
En Vivo Obras Video 2009
Trillando La Fina Full-length 2012
En Vivo Malvinas Argentinas Video 2013

FREE recording of old-style street heavy metal: ANGEL SWORD (Finland)

Here's a free EP of old heavy metal from a new band from Finland. Expect it dirty, like a whisky bar heavy metal motorcycle band, not the clean and happy stuff.
It's always interesting to hear bands do surprising sounds like Angel Sword. It's like they hate everything about "modern metal" and decided to stay with old heavy metal, and that's the end of the story.
It's always nice to hear bands that do no core.
Old heavy metal is the way of Angel Sword.
"Ripping the Heavens" is the name of the EP.
1. Slave to the Groove 03:16
2. Bombs over Heaven 03:19
3. Gamble or Die 02:57
4. Louder than God 02:31

FREE album: melodic, prog from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.: OBSERVER

Very little info about this band or project, unfortunately. Below you can hear the album for yourself and see what you think. It could be a one-person project; the quality is actually a-ok.
I'm still listening to the album and I figured those into obscure metal bands or metal bands from Texas or maybe you are in San Antonio--maybe you'd be interested. It seems to be a mish-mash of different styles.
"Dark Passenger" is the name of the album and this is the track list.
1. I Refuse 05:15
2. Netherworld 05:21
3. Uhyoho 05:28
4. Focus 04:11
5. Dark Matters 04:19
6. King Slayer 05:14
7. Alkali 04:58
8. Under the Knife 03:07

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Urban breed talks about the new Project Arcadia album "A Time Of Changes"


Frantic Amber - Burning Insight (Official Music Video)



metal from Guatemala: Hexe Eye - HEXE EYE

instrumental prog/shred: Dinner Music for the Gods

Metal unique in elegance, talent and scope. The melodic, traditional shredder instrumental guitar playing works with a classic metal sound that is clear to the ear, uptempo, melodic and smooth (perhaps like Yngwie Malsteem, Joe Satriani, Tony MacAlpine). An outstanding component is the drum sound and style. It’s not about speed or loudness; the sound of the drums is ear-friendly. The team that determined the drum sound and style should be commended for making something creative and different. At times, it sounds like Joe Satriani getting all metal and jamming. It’s melodic, prog instrumental quality metal.
Hear the studio recording.
Here are some live videos.
Winterfell - Dinner Music for the Gods
Dinner Music for the Gods - "Ghost Troopers in the Sky"

Omnizide (Sweden): Death Metal Holocaust (Carnal Records)

Omnizide (Sweden): Death Metal Holocaust (Carnal Records)
Sophistication and modernity are overrated. Hellhammer and Sarcófago are not. The vocalist sounds like he’s from primal 80s black metal like Bathory and the rest of the band is attacking their instruments in a way that make them sound awful, like early Death or Nihilist or early Carcass. Omnizide don’t want to hear about the wonders of modern technology to improve metal and to jazz it up for the young kids who need something cool to follow. Go find an open grave and jump in it, Omnizide will tell you. Dirty and raw metal is the way of Omnizide.
Omnizide - Rotting Flesh Parade

WARRANT returns after 30 years: new album soon

Pure Steel Records has the following announcement:
WARRANT - new album after 30 years
WARRANT are back!!! After 30 years the well-known German band WARRANT around mastermind Jörg Juraschek have finished their new album. We are very proud and honored that Pure Steel Records is allowed to release “Metal Bridge”. On CD the release is planned for 31st October 2014, the vinyl for beginning of 2015. LINE-UP:
Joerg Juraschek – vocals, bass
Dirk Preylowski – guitars
Thomas Roseman – drums
In the meantime, here are a couple of songs while we wait for the new music.
Warrant "The Enforcer" Album: The Enforcer
Warrant - The Enforcer (Live)